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The Philly women who helped win World War II

In Philadelphia during WWII, women found themselves in jobs previously restricted to them–and they were critical to winning the war.

The hidden history of Philly’s Navy Yard as League Island

The Navy Yard once was a swampy sprawl separated from Philly by a back channel, and it's a great story of engineering and progress how League Island became a core part of the Philadelphia Experience.

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How frustrated train conductors drove Atlantic City to build America’s first boardwalk

A researcher from the Historical Society of Pennsylvania reports that the Atlantic City boardwalk was conceived for a simple reason: So people could experience the beach without getting sandy.

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Was Lancaster’s Water Street once a stream? (Yes!)

Lancaster Online's Lindsey Blest explores the history of Lancaster, PA's "Water Street". Like many streams within colonial settlements, this one was eventually turned into a sewer and covered.

Capturing Shawmont Station before its $1,000,000 preservation begins – the oldest extant passenger rail station in America

Originally a 18' by 36' stone house (Wissahickon Schist), the structure wouldn't have stood out from the other country homes in this part of Philadelphia, at the tip of the Manayunk Reach, situated at the end of today's Manayunk Canal Towpath.

Prince Albert shows off stunning renovations of East Falls’ Kelly House

The TODAY Show's Hoda Kotb visited the Kelly house in East Falls to see the recently completed renovations to the historic home, completed by Kelly's son, Prince Albert II.

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