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Davis Shaver

Davis Shaver is the editor of Popular History, a Philly Publishing publication.

Broad Street and beyond: The deep history of Philly’s Rail Park

This is an adaptation of a tour for Philadelphia Rail Park Tours, an affiliated company of Popular History. The tour begins just north of Callowhill & Broad.

Hemingway’s Urinal

Not quite as captivating as "Hemingway's Boat", but perhaps more timeless.

“Sylvan artist” Frederick Law Olmsted: Comprehensive list of his firm’s works in and around Philly

Frederick Law Olmsted and his eponymous firm were prolific for a century, especially in progressive cities like Philadelphia where parks movements had taken hold.

The Beatles, Live in Philly

On September 2, 1964, as part of their first-ever North American Tour, the Beatles stopped in Philadelphia for a concert at the Convention Center organized by DJ Hy Lit.

Philadelphia’s Early Mummers

Inspired by similar festivals in Europe, American colonialists in Philadelphia started a holiday tradition that has lasted to this day.

Connie Mack, a legendary Philly baseball manager

“Slats” to his friends on the baseball field, Cornelius McGillicuddy to the government, and Connie Mack to the world, Philadelphia’s legendary baseball manager left a mark on the sport, the city, and the country.

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