Day: August 13, 2018

“Sylvan artist” Frederick Law Olmsted: Comprehensive list of his firm’s works in and around Philly

Frederick Law Olmsted and his eponymous firm were prolific for a century, especially in progressive cities like Philadelphia where parks movements had taken hold.

The Beatles, Live in Philly

On September 2, 1964, as part of their first-ever North American Tour, the Beatles stopped in Philadelphia for a concert at the Convention Center organized by DJ Hy Lit.

Philadelphia’s Early Mummers

Inspired by similar festivals in Europe, American colonialists in Philadelphia started a holiday tradition that has lasted to this day.

Connie Mack, a legendary Philly baseball manager

“Slats” to his friends on the baseball field, Cornelius McGillicuddy to the government, and Connie Mack to the world, Philadelphia’s legendary baseball manager left a mark on the sport, the city, and the country.

The Philly women who helped win World War II

In Philadelphia during WWII, women found themselves in jobs previously restricted to them–and they were critical to winning the war.

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