Day: May 3, 2018

Best map of Philly in the Rumsey collection

Stanford University Libraries just launched the Rumsey Collection, a historic archive of thousands of maps. Here's the coolest map of Philadelphia I found in the archive.

The F.F.V.

I've been getting into railroad-themed folk music recently, and wanted to share notes on one song I've grown to love.

Who was Gertrude Bell?

You probably already surmised a bit about Bell from the photo atop – she’s third from the left, Winston Churchill second, and T.E. Lawrence furthest to the left.

On Henri Rousseau, age, and naivety

A 2009 visit to the Barnes Museum in Lower Merion introduced me to Rousseau, whose style I instantly adored and whose story I came to respect.

Shoutout to Elizabeth Cotton

It's black history month and as I was listening to music this morning, I looked up the history of Elizabeth Cotton. She deserves a shoutout.

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